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Broad Expertise

Alex Rae's proficiency spans being an Aesthetician, Acne Specialist, and Artisan Sculptor, offering a well-rounded approach to skin health that addresses a wide array of concerns and goals.

Focus on Education

Beyond treatments, you gain valuable knowledge on how to care for your skin properly, making informed choices about your daily skin care routine to prolong and enhance the results.

Goal-Setting for Results

Alex encourages setting clear skin care goals, ensuring your journey is aimed at achieving lasting radiance and health, with a plan that’s as forward-thinking as it is holistic.

Sustained Glow

The commitment to education and goal-setting means you're not just investing in temporary fixes but in maintaining and enhancing your skin's health and appearance over the long term.

Intentional Self-Care

Learn to be intentional in your self-care practices, understanding the why and how behind each step of your skin care regimen, leading to more impactful and satisfying results.

Personalized Service

Your treatment is specifically tailored to meet your individual skin care needs, promising more effective and personalized outcomes.

Explore Alex Rae Artisan Spa's specialized skin care offerings

Choosing Alex Rae means embarking on a skin care journey that is educational, goal-oriented, and tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your skin not only looks its best immediately following treatment but continues to thrive and glow day after day.

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Boost your skin with the skin care product

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ORMEDIC Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex Serum
$ 26.00 USD
Circadia Advanced Professional Skincare
Emergency Eye Lift
$ 50.00 USD
Circadia Advanced Professional Skincare
Aquaporin Hydrating Creme
$ 60.00 USD
Face Reality Skincare
Calming Facial Toner
$ 29.00 USD

What our clients have to say about their experience

I was referred by a friend to see Alex and she did not disappoint. She was professional and friendly; I felt like one of my friends was in the room with me. My first ever facial was absolutely amazing. It was so relaxing and my face looked SO much healthier afterwards. She is also super helpful on products to use for everyday care. I left glowing and educated!

Christine P

Excellent first appointment, very professional & I felt like a valued client.

Mauren Y

Was so professional and such a relaxing experience, I am very happy with my results.

Carrie S

So relaxing , great conversations and my facial has my skin looking and smelling amazing! Thank you for such a great experience, Can't wait to get more facials!

Shelly S

Great experience at Alex Rae Artisan Spa! Booked a new client face realty consultation and treatment and Alex dedicated time to learn about my skin, my concerns, and talked through different approaches to take. I was interested to learn more about my skin, as I have been recently trying a lot of things that weren't working for me. After the consultation, Alex provided a great facial and some new products! Highly recommend checking out the spa if you are looking to learn more about your skin and try new products.

Danielle W

Alex is great and I highly suggest booking an appointment. She takes her time and is very attentive. I’ve had 2 facials and looking forward to my next appointment. I took my Mom for a facial and she loved it as well.

Sarita R

Love this place. The decor is comforting and relaxing. Alex is super sweet, very professional, cares about her clients and meeting their needs. Prices are very reasonable.


Felt great after my first appointment, can’t wait to go back for more!

Maria M

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